Cyber Security Awareness Week 2009

High School Cyber Forensics Challenge

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About the Contest

Will be announced shortly

CSAW 2008 Winners       (Solutions)  

Rank University/School Team Lead Team Name
1st John Jay (CUNY) Richard Alcalde TBD
2nd University Idaho Corey Thuen Pwntatoes
3rd DePaul University Apneet Jolly Security Daemons

Honorable Mention:

  Polytechnic Institute of NYU Thoufique fingersCrossed()


Registration Opens : August 15th 00:00 Hrs
Registration Ends: October 2nd
Detailed description and hints posted: October 10th
Submission deadline: October 25th
Award Ceremony: November 12th

Judging Criteria

The judges will rate participants in the following categories: time taken to solve the mystery, and the amount of the story that is fully described, ingenuity in solving the challenges. Any hints used by the participants will count slightly against their total score. Frequently Asked Questions

CSAW 2008 Forensics challenge jury of judges included

Travel Grants

Each finalist will receive a travel grant to offset the cost of attending the awards ceremony, where the first-, second-, and third-place place winners will be announced, along with possible bonus prize winners. Finalists must be present at the awards ceremony to redeem their prizes.


A list of common questions can be found here: Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any addtional questions about the contest, feel free to e-mail

Contest Type

You may participate as an individual or a team. This contest can be done remotely, however, all finalists are required to attend the award ceremony on November 12th at Polytechnic Institute of NYU where the prize winners will be announced. Students who need to travel more than 100 miles will be given a lump-sum scholarship to offset their travel costs.


In order to successfully compete in the competition, participants must: