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Some of this code is written for the security classes I teach. Thus, may be heavily commented; I am not sure if that's a good thing or bad thing.
  1. List -- Very elegant, type oblivious doubly linked list in C from Linux source tree. Also see this and hash table below.
  2. Hashtable -- A type oblivious hash table in C using the list above.
  3. Simple Scheduler -- A simple packet scheduler that allows you to "describe" the type of packets you're interested in and evaluate a set of BPF expressions on the fly and schedule the appropriate packets to appropriate places.
  4. Tcpspoof -- A skeleton for a packet generator that spoofs TCP packets of choice.
  5. Minisniff -- A skeleton for a network sniffer using pcap library.
  6. URLsniff -- A specialized sniffer that uses minisniff to pick up URLs from the wire.
  7. jpeg-stats -- Gives various statistics about jpeg images, can dump various components of images etc. requires jpeg-lib for compilation