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heryBill Hery

I am currently the co-director of the Information Systems and Internet Security lab (ISIS), and teach courses on Information Security Security Engineering and Management in both the Computer Science and Management Departments. My work includes participation in research projects, such as ForNet and information system "infection detection," and in the CATT CyberCrime Initiative.

I joined Polytechnic's Computer Science Department in 2003, completing a circuitous route back to my academic roots. I started what was then called "Brooklyn Poly" as a Freshman in 1963 in Electrical Engineering, because I wanted to study these new things called computers that I was reading about, and there was no such thing as computer science! I switched to Math because I could still take the few "computer courses" that were offered and I liked math better than the other EE material. Then, I wound up getting a PhD in "pure" Math that was beautiful, but had nothing to do with computers. I also taught in the Math Department at Poly for six years.

I next learned some applied math (mostly Operations Research) and moved into industry. After a year of financial modeling for Wall Street, I spent six years developing models of energy systems and policy during the 1970's oil/energy crisis. When that was declared a non-crisis (the free market will solve it all!), I moved on to Bell Labs. I started working on performance models for internal networks, then moved on to the architecture of special purpose parallel and distributed processing systems that were being developed for the US Government. I had come full circle, and was now doing what I started at Poly twenty years earlier! As our division of Bell Labs moved more into networking projects, I began to focus mostly on network and information security, which has been my primary interest for the last decade.

In 2001, took an early retirement from Bell Labs, and later joined Poly on a part time basis. At Poly, I'm involved with the ForNet project, the CATT Cybercrime Initiative, I've developed and taught courses in Security Engineering and Management, and worked with the SFS program.

My outside passions include skiing (preferably in the Rocky Mountains), tennis, hiking, reading, listening to music (mostly jazz, with John Coltrane and Charles Mingus being among my favorites), and fine wine.

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