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kuleshKulesh Shanmugasundaram

Kulesh Shanmugasundaram is my full name, but people just call me Kulesh, for obvious reasons.

My research interests lie in two main areas: digital forensics and security. My interest in forensics focuses on the development of reliable network infrastructure for supporting forensics across wide area networks. In security, my research interest lies in the development of efficient, scalable systems for network monitoring.

In January, I finished my PhD in computer science under the guidance of Professor Nasir Memon. My dissertation presents a distributed network forensics system called ForNet. ForNet was ranked second in the ACM Student Research Competition; ACM flew me to San Francisco for the ACM Awards Banquet and presented the award to me right after Vinton Cerf and Robert Khan received their Turing Award!

During my time at Poly, I have had a lot of fun teaching a couple of courses in network security and penetration testing and leading the development of the ForNet and Nabs projects.

I used to live a couple of blocks from Yankee Stadium but I now live a couple of blocks from Samuel Morse's grave. When I'm not working, I really like being involved in outdoor activities like hiking, whitewater rafting, and bungee jumping. One day I hope to hit the high points of all 50 states. (So far, the count stands at 8.) I havenŐt read (m)any nontechnical books in the past few years, though I grew up reading a lot of sci-fi. Now, I pretty much read anything that interests me: I just finished The Da Vinci Code and am in the middle of reading Guns, Germs, and Steel: The Fates of Human Societies.

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