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pashaAnandabrata "Pasha" Pal

My name is Anandabrata Pal, though due to my first name being somewhat of a tongue twister, I am called Pasha. I was born in India, but because I was a "diplomat brat," I grew up in many different countries. My travels finally landed me at Polytechnic University, where I have been pursuing a PhD degree in computer science. My PhD thesis is in the area of code obfuscation, and currently I am researching new techniques and metrics for obfuscations.

Before coming to Poly, my primary area of interest was in database technologies. I did an internship with Panasonic Research and Development and did some work on video, which led to an introduction to Professor Memon. My first project with Professor Memon was in developing techniques to reassemble file-fragmented images, and it was during this research that I realized that security, rather than video, was the area of greatest interest to me. Having successfully conducted and published research into the recovery of file-fragmented images, I have since been working on code obfuscation.

My interest in computers began before college, and I used to freelance as an application developer designing custom applications. I built a medical laboratory billing and inventory system in DOS and then Windows and was in the process of doing a system analysis of a garment export firm in New Delhi when I left for college in New York. In addition, I used to teach basic network and programming skills to students at a technology institute (The Centre for Information Technology Services) in Delhi.

I attended the New York Institute of Technology and graduated summa cum laude with a 3.95 GPA, having received the following awards: the N.A. Karr Award for high scholastic average in computer science; the Professor Carl A. Atkins Award for proficiency in English; the Estelle Ormont Award for outstanding extracurricular activity (managing editor of newspaper); and the New Graduate Recognition Award for leadership and community service.

So far, I have published the following papers:

  1. Thinning, Striping and Shuffling: Traffic Shaping and Transport Techniques for Variable Bit Rate Video D. Bushmitch, S. Panwar and A. Pal, proceedings of IEEE Globecom, Taipei, Taiwan, November 2002
  2. Automated Reassembly of Fragmented Images A. Pal, K. Shanmugasundaram and N. Memon, ICASSP 2003
  3. Automated Reassembly of Fragmented Images Using Greedy Algorithms A. Pal and N. Memon, IEEE Transaction on Image Processing, March 2006.

New York is my favorite city by far, and a large part of that has to do with the richness and diversity of the people living here. My interests outside of my research are varied: I enjoy watching movies, watching the news, and finally watching the occasional Yankees game if I get the time (which I rarely do these days). My two favorite books are Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen and Dune by Frank Herbert.

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