End of Activities
The NYU-Poly PKI/Trust Lab is now officially closed. Prof. Pala has moved on to pursue a career in the Industry. In particular, he is not VP of Engineering at Penango, Inc. where secure email meets simplicity and practicality.

For future communications, please, contact Prof. Pala at Pala @penango.com. Positions for junior and senior engineers are available here.
About the Lab
The NYU-Poly PKI/Trust Lab is committed to research in the area of Public Key Systems, Identity Management, Usable Security, and Privacy. The Lab is directed by Massimiliano Pala. The PKI/Trust Lab research work is committed to advance the state of the art in network and application services for strong authentication and authorization. The PKI/Trust Lab focus on interoperability and manageability, trust and delegation, and usability of Public Key Technologies with respect of developers, deployers, and users.

PKI/Trust Lab hosts weekly meetings every Tuesday in the Conference Room (LC 246) of the CSE Department at Poly at 5:00pm (2nd Floor). Please join us if you plan to participate to our projects.
Research Projects
Our lab has a series of active long-term research and development projects.
Recent News
  • 11.10.2011New PKILab Mailing List available here. Students are encouraged to subscribe.
  • 06.08.2012Added new Odin project
Recent Presentations
  • M.Pala, "A Usable Public Key System for the Internet", November 2, 2011. Computer Science Department, CMU.

This is a list of the Seminars, Workshops, Conferences, and Meetings related to PKIs.

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Getting Started With PKIs
  • None.