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evidenceAdvanced File Carving

Files stored on digital media are broken into smaller blocks prior to storage. Most of the time these blocks are stored sequentially on the media. Increasing sizes of files and complexity of their format often lead to fragmentation in the sequences of blocks written to media. For example, photo and video files stored in a memory card of a camera are often fragmented. Another example is email inbox files stored on hard drives are fragmented. Recovering fragmented files from a media is a challenge faced by digital forensics and data recovery. This project formally examines fragmentation and develop practical algorithms to recover deleted files. The algorithms and methods developed are independent of operating systems, file systems, or digital media.

Research with Impact:
The participants of this research project founded Digital Assembly with seed funding from the National Science Foundation and NYSTAR through the CATT at Polytechnic Institue of NYU to commercialize the research ideas. The company has successfully launched two products, Adroit Photo Recovery and Adroit Photo Forensics. Digital Assembly and the research work was recently featured on the New York Times.

This is an I2E Project


Anandabrata "Pasha" Pal
Nasir Memon
Kulesh Shanmugasundaram


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