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vlabVirtual Lab
One of the main impediments to establishing an IA program is the requirement of a laboratory facility that will reinforce concepts taught in class with hands-on experiences. This is due to the fact that an IA lab is difficult to build and maintain, as it needs to be dedicated and isolated and cannot be part of a general-purpose campus laboratory. Many schools cannot afford a separate laboratory just for an IS course. For this project, we are working on the design of a virtual laboratory that will allow multiple institutions to share one physical laboratory. This design was done as part of an NSF capacity building project to establish a centralized laboratory facility at Poly that can be used by other schools in the tri-state area surrounding New York. By virtual laboratory, we mean a laboratory that can be accessed via the Internet through a browser interface. In addition to being remotely accessible, the virtual laboratory is also remotely configurable, thereby allowing each individual member of the consortium to independently provision the required hosts and network components and configure them as needed for the specific hands-on assignment being performed by their students.

Sponsors: NSF


Vikram Padman
Nasir Memon


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