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Watermarking research has given rise to very powerful techniques. Formerly, these techniques were primarily aimed at multimedia applications where the models and constraints had similar characteristics. Today a new generation of applications is emerging that poses exciting possibilities for watermarking techniques. These new applications most commonly have different goals, requirements and constraints, which do not necessarily coincide with those of multimedia applications. As a consequence, the conventional design paradigm has to be revised. One aspect of this revision involves a shift from static cover-objects, such as images, audio, and video, to more dynamic ones, such as data streams. Another aspect requires paralleling the changes in the governing security considerations. The final aspect concerns the adoption of a new model of attack channel, which would tend to include fewer malicious elements, making a watermarking-based approached more viable. With this point of view, we pose three research proposals that address the preceding three areas. Our research takes a multiple-pronged approach that applies the ideas and principles of watermarking to physical-layer communication and network-security problems. In addition, we are analyzing the security aspects of many watermarking applications and improving the existing techniques and protocols with reference to the prevalent security paradigm.


Taha Sencar
Nasir Memon


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