I am a 4th year PhD student of Computer Science at NYU Tandon School of Engineering. I am a member of Information Systems and Internet Security Lab and Center for Cyber Security (CCS) working under supervision of Professor Nasir Memon. My research focus is usability aspects of security. I work on alternative authentication and identification techniques for newly emerged user-interfaces. I also work on approaches using psychology as a tool to protect users and companies against online fraud.
In addition, I am interested in data-driven security; application of machine-learning and big-data techniques in computer security.


* Please consider submitting your papers to Targeted Attacks workshop held in conjunction with Financial Crypto 2017.


* I am in the program committee of Targeted Attacks workshop.
* My paper on Mind your SMSes: Mitigating Social Engineering in Second Factor Authentication is published by Journal of Computer & Security.
* My paper on "Detecting Malicious Logins in Enterprise Networks Using Visualization" is accepted to VizSec 2016. co-authors: Bahador Saket, and Nasir Memon.
* My paper on "Verification Code Forwarding Attack" is accepted to PasswordsCon2015.
* I am in the leading team of CSAW Best Research Paper Awards Competition 2015. Check out here.
* Liar-buyer paper is covered by Bruce Schneier here.